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Shock Sensor

- Transparent housing
- Over 1-second latch time on alarm
- UL grade ABS housing
- Current (DC 5V)
- Stand by: 2Ma, In alarm: 10mA
- Sensitivity adjustable
- 3-conductor AWS #22 lead wire

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Safe Breaking Sensors

- A safe protector sensing the door opening and the shock to the safe
- A combined use of reed switches and PZT sensor
- Intervention protection feature (Circuit cut/short or detachment)

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Infrared Beam Sensor

- Pulsed infrared beam
- 200 ft. protection range
- Walk test LED
- Indoor use only
- Form C alarm output
- Tricolor alignment LED
- Tamper-proof reed contact

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Fence Sensor

- Dual action alarm sensor
- S.P.D.T. (Form C) for open or closed loop
- Vibration resistance
- Armored cable
- Swivel mounting bracket
- Low cost solution

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Shutter Sensor

- A magnetic switch for shutters using high endurance Aluminum shells
- Flexible Aluminum brackets provides easy installations on any type of shutter door without damaging it
- Built-in biased magnet to prevent defeat attempts from outside SPST
- Strong rare earth magnet
- NC type (open on magnet approach) switch connectable to loop circuit of any control panel
- Epoxy molded waterproof structure
- Contact resistance under 6Ω Insulation resistance over 10MΩ at DC250V

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Shock Sensor

- High quality fire sensing/detect or cataching fire alarm signal to security system without altering fire alarm system - Supervised circuit
- Self-testing and cover opening detection function (Detector Units)
- Sensor unit mounting supervision

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Shock Sensor

- Single Phase Voltage: AC 220V
- Three Phase Voltage: AC 380V
- Current: 15mA

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Fluid Level Sensor

- Fluid level sensor
- Waterproof and shock-proof
- Hermetically sealed
- Form C switch

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